– Black Friday Success

“Not only did Josh help create our best month ever, but he helped me become a better business owner!”

Joseph Miranda, CEO

NoteFull, Inc.


An online education provider hadn’t experienced growth for over a year after having strong growth the prior 4 years. They were heading into the winter, which is historically slow for them, and turned to us to see what we could do to generate greater revenue. In spite of some very limiting tech issues with their website, we ended up beating their best month ever by 38%.

Background is an online education provider that helps students and professionals across the world pass the Test Of English Foreign Language (TOEFL) that is required by many American Universities and professional licenses. Their curriculum is very thorough and their support is tremendous, giving them a strong foundation that has been the source of their success over the past 5 years.

Their founder had worked hard to build effective systems as their student base grew, and the instructors and support staff he had hired were all effective with students. The challenge was that he was starting to spin his wheels with regard to improved marketing and conversion efforts.


With Thanksgiving coming up, there was significant buzz around the Black Friday sales that retailers across the US would be participating in. Even though NoteFull served students across the world, and isn’t a typical retailer that would be a candidate for holiday purchases, we jumped into the fray and ran a Black Friday promotion as a good excuse to make more overt offers.

We laid out a multi-step email promotion to the existing subscriber list that spanned 10 days, finishing the weekend after Thanksgiving. To start the campaign, we gave subscribers a heads-up email notifying them that a big discount was coming on Black Friday and let them opt-in to an “early notice” list if they wanted to get notified when the discounts were available. By segmenting the list this way, we could send this “early notice” list more messages and keep the offer top of mind the week of Thanksgiving without worrying about them reporting it as spam or unsubscribing.


Starting with an early bonus offer on Thursday night, and ending Saturday evening, we were able to generate revenue equivalent to about 2/3rd of a typical month and pushed the entire month of November’s revenue to 138% of their best month over the prior year. Best of all, the list was very grateful for the special offer and unsubscribes were no greater than any promotions in the past.

Given the single purpose relationship with their subscribers to help them pass the TOEFL and the volume of new prospects they get on a daily basis, NoteFull ran this same promotion again 6 months
later and generated another 50% bump over their monthly average, and can do so every 4-6 months without wearing out their list given their constant flow of new prospects.

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