Mountain Training School – Comprehensive Optimization

“We’ve gotten much greater results with Josh in just a few months, than any other program or training we’ve ever done!”

Benjamin Gorelick, COO

Mountain Training School, LLC


A multi-national outdoor training school had gone through significant growth after revamping their core offering in recent years. Their work with us focused on optimization across their key operations, which generated big gains, including reducing lead costs by 83%, freeing up 20+ hours per week for the owners, and revising key financial components to improve cash-flow by an estimated 50%.


Mountain Training School is a multi-year training school that has base camp operations in three countries on three separate continents. They are one of three schools in the world that are accredited by the Wilderness Education Association, which is the most prestigious training organization for American outdoor educational programs.

As they pursued even greater ambitions, the founders realized that they would benefit from an outside perspective to help optimize the critical areas of the business to better handle growth.


Since MTS came to us without an acute problem that needed to be resolved immediately, we took a more systemic approach to optimizing their operations. Since optimization is focused on reducing time and expense, as well as improving results (ie: conversions, applications, graduates, profits, etc), we focus on conserving cash-flow first since that’s the scarcest resource for most small businesses.

With that, we jumped into their lead generation channels, which was primarily through Google AdWords. Their AdWords account had been dialed in over years, so trying to optimize it was a tall order. Instead, we set up campaigns on Facebook and got some positive results after a few rounds of testing. Sticking with it, we unlocked a few ads and market segments that generated very high quality leads at a fraction of the cost that it took through AdWords.

Once that was humming along, we moved to their admissions process since it consumed quite a bit of time for one of the owners. Breaking down every step and documenting it in a system workflow allowed us to pinpoint some friction points that we could try improving around. Utilizing their current CRM system, we added an application tool that integrated with it very well and added a dose of rigor to the process.

The next major area we dug into was their financials. Due to the nature of their business, we’re not able to disclose the specifics of what we changed, but the results were an increase in cash-flow by approximately 50%. This was our greatest breakthrough to date with MTS, and we’re confident that the gains will only improve as we refine the adjustments over time.


The combination of improving the efficiency of their lead generation campaigns with the more streamlined and rigorous application process has created compound returns for MTS. These include a higher admission rate of applicants, more new students in total, and significant time freedom for the owners to focus on more strategic efforts.

Adding the improved cash-flow is icing on the cake and sets a very strong foundation for more growth going forward.

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