Keep It Simple Until Your Business Hits $100k

posted by Joshua Long

To help those under $100,000 that are overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to grow your business, the biggest advice I find myself repeating over and over is to keep it simple.

No Facebook ads or webinar funnels or trip wires or Infusionsoft follow up sequences or SEO or podcasting or content campaigns. Stop all of them.

You can add them later.

Right now, focus on two things:
#1 Work on making whatever it is you sell as easy to buy as possible.
That means you want it to be easy to understand. So, if you can’t explain what you do and the benefits from it in one to two sentences and have people say “Ooooh! Tell me more!”, keep working on it. Remove words until you can’t remove any more, and then remove a few more.

It also means that you need to reduce the buyer’s risk of wasting their time, money, and energy. So put a money back guarantee on it if you can. Or make the payments fit their budget, or let them cancel easily if they’re not getting value from it.

And give them two options to buy.
1 – The Rolls Royce version, and
2 – A piece of the Rolls Royce to get started with. Having 1 makes 2 more valuable, and gives them vision for what 2 could grow into.

#2 Work on the easiest path to talk to potential clients. Usually, this is just calling people that might have been interested in the past, but you overwhelmed them with your confusing options.
When you run out of those leads, ask your current clients how they heard about you and try to uncover the well. There are likely more there. And ask for referrals while you’re at it.

When you run out there, see who you know that has similar clients, but isn’t a competitor.

If you’re a counselor, find a group of doctors to get to refer to you, or connect with churches, too. If you’re a realtor, find CPAs that can refer their clients.

There’s a partner out there that would love to hand clients over for you to help. You just need to talk to them to find them.

Start with spending 1 hour every week working on #2, and you’ll be amazed at the fruit by week 3 or 4. If you spend 1-hour every day on it, you’ll be making $10k/mo within 3 months.

It’s just uncomfortable for most service providers because they just want to do their job, not be a salesperson. Unfortunately, that’s part of being a solopreneur.

Ask any clarifying questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

And here’s a handy graphic walking through all of this.

2 steps to $100k


  • Frankie Lane

    if there was a #3 what would it be?

    • Leon

      Probably to repeat. Since we’re keeping things as simple as possible.